The Women’s Leadership Foundation – Announces New Status

The Women’s Leadership Foundation (WLF), the 501(c)3 organization that created Board Bound and other programs designed to help place more women on Colorado boards, is assuming stand-alone status.

The WLF is grateful for the support it has received from the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce during its start-up stage, and is proud to announce it has met its target to be self-sufficient within five years.

“We will be transitioning to a stand-alone foundation,” said Murugan Palani, Board Chair of the Women’s Leadership Foundation.  “This allows both the Chamber and the Foundation to focus on each organization’s distinct mission.  Research clearly shows that companies with gender diversity on their boards of directors are more profitable and face fewer regulatory issues. The Women’s Leadership Foundation is committed to helping Colorado companies increase the number of women on their boards and therefore helping grow Colorado’s economy.

The Women’s Leadership Foundation seeks to advance the equal partnership of women and men at the highest levels of organizational leadership, driving systemic change and creating greater success for local entities and for Colorado. The WLF’s special focus is to increase the number of women on boards, particularly through the following initiatives:

  • CEOs for Women on Boards Advanced by Women’s Leadership Foundation, an initiative which garners support of Colorado CEOs, board members, and civic leaders who are committed to making Colorado a leader on the forefront encouraging equitable and diverse gender representation on corporate boards.
  • Corporate Board Bound, a one-year board readiness program for C-level and executive women, including workshops and matching with mentors who serve on a corporate board
  • Community Board Bound, a program offering workshops on board governance and members’ responsibilities  of nonprofit organizations, as well as programs to match women with nonprofit boards, city and state boards, and commissions

“The Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce is proud of its role in fostering the growth and independence of the Women’s Leadership Foundation,” said Kristen Blessman, CEO of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. “We wish the Women’s Leadership Foundation much success as a stand-alone organization, and will continue to support the WLF with the important work of placing more women on Colorado boards.  This transition will only strengthen the unique programming of both organizations.”

Please contact Murugan Palani, Chair or Jo Lynne Whiting, Vice-Chair of the Foundation

at 720-593-2010 or at for any questions regarding the Women’s Leadership Foundation.

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