Sources to Help Find Women Board Candidates

Is your company just beginning to search for board candidates who match your strategic needs?  You can contact the Women’s Leadership Foundation who will listen to your criteria and offer candidates for your consideration.  Contact

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For when you seek a new board member and are interested in the improved performance and governance that a gender diverse board brings.

We connect board-ready talent to organizations eager to achieve extraordinary results.

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Let us know your requirements to strengthen your board with a new addition.  We will introduce you to several women candidates with the expertise you need.  We draw from our extensive network in Colorado and beyond.

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Meet women with wide range of experience.

From CEO, Financial Expert, Cyber Security, Operations, Technology, International and more.  Across Oil & Gas, Finance, Real Estate, Health, Tech, Retail, Food and more.  Experience across all Board Committees.


Women’s Leadership Foundation is a 501c.3 organization. There is no charge for the introduction of potential board candidates. If you select one of the women we recommend, we request you consider a donation to our organization so we may continue the work.

Other Sources for Women Board Candidates

Disclaimer:  This is an incomplete list of resources drawn from public sources.  Many of these resources were identified by The Thirty Percent Coalition on their website and were cross-checked via interviews and secondary research.

To download more complete information on how these organizations work, see Summary of Sources for Qualified Female Board Candidates.  If you are aware of additional resources that should be added, please inform us via

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