Community Board Matching Service

Boardbound by Women’s Leadership Foundation would like to facilitate connecting non-profit organizations looking for the board talent that will help lift them to greatness with women interested in making a difference in their communities through board service.

Find forms here:

  • For Organizations looking for Board Directors
  • For People interested in serving on non-profit boards

For Organizations looking for Board Directors

Are you a non-profit organization, including hospitals and universities, looking for talent for your Board of Directors?  Please let us know what you need.

Organization Name:*
Contact Name:
What is your organization's mission?
What expectations do you have for new board members?
What are your board of directors meeting dates, locations and times?
What is the length of your organizations board terms?
Please share specific characteristics you are looking for in a board member.
Date this posting expires
Please specify the time frame the potential board member will need to be in place to begin their term.
Other information you would like to share that will assist us in providing the best individual for your board.

Please let us know at when your Board position is filled so we can remove the posting.  All postings will be removed after 6 months.

For People interested in serving on Non-Profit Boards

Are you interested in serving on a non-profit board, including hospitals and universities?  If so, please fill out this form.

Community Boardbound Assessment Form

We are very glad you are interested in serving on a non-profit board.  Please fill in the information completely--all sections with an asterisk must be completed in order to submit the form.

We will be in touch with you once we review your assessment.

Email Contact*
Who were you referred by or how else did you find out about the program?
What do you hope to gain by participating in Community Boardbound?
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Please complete the following detail if you have served on a Board.

If Served on Boards
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