Is your Company interested in adding a woman to your board?

Boardbound by Women's Leadership Foundation will introduce you to board candidates that meet your requirements.

The Women’s Leadership Foundation would like to help you find talented women board candidates with our Boardconnect program.  We will meet with companies and search firms to learn the specific needs to strengthen their strategic skills mix on their board.  We will then search the databases we have constructed plus network with partner organizations to identify qualified women candidates for you to consider.

Boardconnect–Talent for your board

We connect board-ready talent to organizations eager to achieve extraordinary results.

Request women board candidates.

Let us know your requirements to strengthen your board with a new addition. We will introduce you to several women candidates with the expertise you need. We draw from our extensive network in Colorado and beyond.

Call us at 720-282-9940 or email us.  Or fill out this form.

Meet women with wide range of experience.

From CEO, Financial Expert, Cyber Security, Operations, Technology, International and more.  Across Oil & Gas, Finance, Real Estate, Health, Tech, Retail, Food and more. Experience across all Board Committees.

Women’s Leadership Foundation is a 501c.3 organization. There is no charge for the introduction of potential board candidates. If you select one of the women we recommend, we request you consider a donation to our organization so we may continue the work.

Research shows interviewing more than one woman for Board openings is a great practice.

Dr. Stefanie Johnson, Associate Professor at University of Colorado Leeds School of Business, shares her research on practical ways to overcome implicit bias.  This podcast interview with Dr. Stefanie Johnson and Tara Dunn covers:

  • How does unconscious bias impact the director search process?
  • Does implementing a Rooney Rule take care of the problem?
  • What would you say to companies who worry that restricting their options is not in the best interest of shareholders?
  • Are there other practical steps that boards could take to address this issue?
  • What can people do to counteract unconscious bias that they hold themselves or experience from others?

Dr. Stefanie Johnson’s research shows that interviewing more than one woman for a board positions makes all the difference in becoming gender diverse.

Search yourself utilizing these sources

Alternatively, you can use these databases of sources:

Examples of Skills of Women Board Candidates in our databases

CEO Experience

Audit Committee Financial Expert

Three IPOs

Oil & Gas Expert

Compensation Expert

COO Experience


Cyber security

Digital Marketing

Air Force General

International Operating Experience

Venture Capital

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