Colorado Women on Boards: State of the State

Bigger gains in 2018 for women board directors.

Boardbound by Women’s Leadership Foundation has conducted a census of the board composition of all Colorado public companies since 2011. Here is a summary of what we’ve learned:

  • we are making progress–from 7% women on boards in 2011 to 14% in 2018
  • at a faster pace–gains in 2018 more than double the annual increase for the previous 6 years
  • we trail the national average–of the 26 states with at least 20 Russell 3000 companies, we are near the bottom at #21
  • many Colorado companies lead the way–16 companies have 3 or more women directors on their boards
  • yet nearly 40% of Colorado companies still have all-male boards

Fortunately, research shows that companies with more women on their boards have faster earnings growth and better governance with fewer financial restatements and governance controversies. 

We are proud that you and others across Colorado are committed to our state becoming a leader in board gender diversity.  Together, we can open more board positions for women.

Colorado is making progress at a faster pace.

Progress in the last year has accelerated with 2.1 p.p. growth compared to 0.8 p.p. annual growth for the previous six years.

Many Colorado companies lead the way with 3 or more women on their boards.

Colorado still has a large proportion of all-male boards.

Just two out of 109 Colorado CEOs of public companies are women.

You can help build the momentum

Thank you for supporting the Women’s Leadership Foundation to open more board positions for women in Colorado and beyond.

  • We inspire leaders to champion and pursue greater board diversity.
  • We help women skillfully step into board service–for corporate and community boards.
  • We connect board-ready talent to organizations eager to achieve extraordinary results.
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