CEO Sponsored Women Board Candidates

CEOs tell us they take seriously board candidates recommended by their fellow CEOs.

Here are some women board candidates recommended by their CEOS.  Please contact the Women’s Leadership Foundation to learn more about their backgrounds.  Other CEOs are also welcome to recommend candidates.


Kim Bimesterfer

“Kim’s experiences and leadership responsibilities at Cigna put her in a “ready now” category for public or private board positions. She has terrific intellect, presence and multilevel business knowledge.”

John Kelley, CEO of CereScan


Stephanie Georges

“Stephanie has been a valued thought partner in all major business decisions including strategy creation, investor relations, multiple acquisitions and our recently announced merger with MDA. She has a deep understanding of the drivers of shareholder value creation and brings a highly analytic approach to all issues related to total shareowner return. Stephanie has also greatly strengthened our communications programs and the development of our brand. She is a team player and effective collaborator both with her colleagues on the management team and in the board room. Any company grappling with strategic issues including disruptive competitive threats, activism, complex M&A or communications challenges among others will find Stephanie to be an extraordinarily valuable voice in the board room.”

                                                            Jeff Tarr, former CEO of Digital Globe

Carin Stutz

“Carin has deep C-Suite and leadership experience in multi-unit, large scale businesses to bring to table. She is detailed, diligent and engaging to work with. She is highly accountable to always add value.”

                                                            Denny Post, CEO of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers


Sheryl Von Blucher

“Sheryl’s work ethic, character, experience and expertise are of the highest caliber and she would be a great benefit to any business board.”

                                                            Jerre Stead, CEO of IHS Markit

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