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Colorado companies with 3 or more women on their board
Congratulations to these companies with three or more women on their boards

Source:  “Women on Colorado Boards:  State of the State” prepared by Boardbound by Women’s Leadership Foundation of Colorado public companies as of 12/31/19.  Infographic developed by Orange Marketing.

An important reason Colorado has accelerated the opening of board positions to women is that the CEOs and Board Directors are committed to making it happen.

Since 2016, CEO leaders have hosted their fellow CEOs and Board Directors to share successes and discuss strategies to ensure their companies reap the rewards research shows comes from gender diverse boards.

The first gatherings in March and October of 2016 is where the CEOs committed to a 50% improvement in the proportion of women on their boards within three years.  This meant going from 11% at the end of 2015 to 16% in 2018 which was much faster than the historical rate.  This goal was attained by June 2019.

2019 Event Host –Molson Coors

Mark Hunter, CEO of Molson Coors
Mark Hunter, former CEO of Molson Coors, networking with fellow CEOs and Board Directors at May 2019 event he hosted.

2018 Event Host–Red Robin Gourmet Burgers


Jim Atkinson, then President of Viveve Medical, accepts the Corporate Salute Award for having four women on their board.

2017 Event Host–Newmont in October

Noreen Doyle, Board Chair of Newmont

Noreen Doyle, Board Chair of Newmont, shared the advantages they have with a diverse board

“I’m proud that five of our 12 highly qualified board directors are women. Newmont’s core value of inclusion and diversity helps us attract and retain the best and brightest — from the broadest talent pool — so we can achieve differentiated business results today and well into the future.”

2017 Event Host–DaVita in May

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“We hope to be a role model for other companies.  If we can do it, other companies can too.  A diverse board is important for two reasons.  First, it better represents the company’s employees.  Second, it improves the quality and thoughtfulness of decision making.  We’ve been so thrilled with the quality of women and men of color that have been interested in joining.  We’re planning on continuing the process.”  Kent Thiry, Board Chair and former CEO of DaVita






2016 Event Hosts

Hosts of CEOs for Women on Boards events in 2016


The Women’s Leadership Foundation congratulates Colorado Companies doing a good job including women on their boards.

Trailblazers Award to Newmont

Newmont is the first Colorado Public Company with six women on their board. Newmont also has a woman board chair and has had three or more women on their board since 2011.

Champion for Women on Boards

Pictured: Jo Lynne Whiting, Rose Robeson, Gloria Zamora and Gary Goldberg

Gary Goldberg, former CEO of Newmont, is not only an exceptional leader of his own company but also reached out to his fellow Fortune 1000 CEOs to encourage them to consider adding more women to their boards.  The work Gary did along with Carol Burt, Rose Robeson and Gloria Zamora made a very big difference.  Colorado Fortune 1000 companies ended 2019 with 23% women on their boards versus 15% on 2017.

Corporate Salute (3 or more women on the board)

Research shows 3 or more women on a board changes board culture by getting past tokenism and significantly improves corporate performance. 

6 Women on their Board

  • Newmont

4 Women on their Board

(in order of proportion of women on their board)

  • Vail Resorts

  • RE/MAX Holdings

  • ANGI Homeservices

  • Ball Corporation

3 Women on their Board

(in order of proportion of women on their board)

  • Viveve Medical

  • Aimco

  • Summit Materials

  • Zayo

  • Arrow Electronics

  • Cimarex

  • DaVita

  • Western Union

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