Be Informed and Advocate

Get informed: Women on Colorado Boards

How many women are on the boards of companies you work for, buy from, and invest in?


Most people are surprised by how seldom we see women on Colorado boards. Help raise awareness of the issue and rally widespread support.

Here’s an example of how the Women’s Leadership Foundation successfully worked with Colorado legislators for Colorado to be the 4th state in the nation to encourage companies to increase gender board diversity. CO General Assembly Passes Resolution Promoting Equitable Gender Representation

Join a Board

Practice good governance on a non-profit board or city/state board or commission. Target a corporate board seat as part of your career plan. Consider the Women’s Leadership Foundation Boardbound programs.

Impact Investing with a Gender Lens

Invest in women-owned, women-led companies and public companies where women are well represented in the C-Suite and on boards.  You can use your investments to encourage companies who are including women on their boards and in their executive teams.  Research shows these companies generally earn more and have fewer governance problems.

Support Women’s Leadership Foundation

The Women’s Leadership Foundation’s vision is women in equal partnership with men at the highest level of leadership. Help us make more women on Colorado boards a reality with your support.

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