Companies with more female directors outperform those with less by 53 percent

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Senate Joint Resolution 14-026:  “Equal Pay Day” in Colorado

Women and Girls Lead:  Why Compsenation Equity Matters

McKinsey&Company: Women Matter 2013 – Gender diversity in top management: Moving corporate culture, moving boundaries

The Colorado Women’s College at the University of Denver:  Benchmarking Women’s Leadership

Women’s Bureau U.S. Department of Labor Fact Sheet:  The Economic Status of Women of Color: A Snapshot

Heidrich and Struggles: Women on Boards: The U.S. Perspective

Women’s Bureau U.S. Department of Labor:  Equal Pay – A Guide to Women’s Equal Pay Rights

GMI Ratings’ 2013 Women on Boards Survey

National Partnership for Women and Families:  Wage Gap Data by State

AAUW:  The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap (2013)

New York Times:  DealBook: From Morgan Stanley, Investing in Women on Corporate Boards

SEC Speech: Inclusion is a Strength: Corporate America and the SEC Should Reflect America

Calvert: Diversity 2013

Deloitte: Women in the Board Room:  A Global Perspective

Thirty Percent Coalition:  Institutional Investors file Shareholder Resolutions Encouraging Diversity

Ernst & Young: Getting on Board, Achieving Gender Diversity on Boards, Female Directors Transform Thinking

ION:  Follow the Leaders: ItCAN Happen Here

Financial Services:  Pay and women directors in focus

Harvard Business Review: Study: Women Get Fewer Game-Changing Leadership Roles

ION President Sarah Meyerrose  interview on Boardroom Gender Diversity: Video

National Association of Corporate Directors:  Highlights of 2012-2013 NACD Public Company Governance Survey

2020 Women on Boards:  2020 Gender Diversity Index of Fortune 1000 Companies

McKinsey & Company: Women Matter

Whitepaper: Industry Expertise on Corporate Boards

Catalyst: Website & Blog

GMI Ratings:  Variation in Female Representation within the United States

Ion Advancing Women to the BoardroomOverview Document

CED: Women’s Advancement on Corporate Boards

European Commission on Gender Equality: Website

Teresa Taylor: Women as Business Leaders: Industry Facts and Figures on the Situation, Opportunity and Solution

Ion Advancing Women to the Boardroom2013 Annual Status Report Executive Summary

Thirty Percent Coalition:  Institutional Investors note Progress as Eight Companies appoint Women to their Boards

City and County of Denver:  Minority/Women Owned/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Disparity Study

2020 Women on Boards:  2020 Women on Boards Gender Diversity Index for 2013

Recommended Reading: 

Becoming a Public Company Director (Board Guru Handbook)

Board Evaluation: Creating Strategic Performance and Effectiveness (Board Guru Handbook)

Relevant Articles

Colorado Secretary of the State Scott Gessler:  Gessler Releases Second in Series on Nonprofit Board Education

Coloradobiz:  Top 13 LinkedIn tips for corporate directors (or wannabes)

American Banker:  Women on Boards Improve a Bank’s Performance

Stanford Closer Look Series, By David F. Larcker and Brian Tayan:  Pioneering Women on Boards: Pathways of the First Female Directors

International Finance Corporation:  Are Women Decision Makers More Risk Averse Than Their Male Counterparts?

Law Week Colorado:  Women in the Workplace – Roundtable with Donna Evans

ICOSA:  Men and Women Working Together is Essential to Equal Opportunities for Women by Donna Evans

Forbes:  The Importance Of Women In The Boardroom: Q and A With Baroness Mary Goudie

The Wall Street Journal:  Women in the Boardroom: A Global View

Female Breadwinners: Why More Women Entrepreneurs Will Lead To Gains for Women on Boards

Harvard Business Review:  Dysfunction in the Board Room

Bank Investment Consultant: Does More Women on Corporate Boards Equal Better Performance?

Big Think:  14 Concrete Steps to Boosting Diversity on Corporate Boards

The Wall Street Journal:  Poll: Most Women See Bias in the Workplace

Fast Company Coexist: Women Have Better Decision-Making Abilities Than Men, Make Better Corporate Leaders

Financial Post: Women on corporate boards better decision-makers than male directors: study

Harvard Business Review: Are Women Better Leaders than Men?

The Glass Hammer: Women on Boards: Asset Managers and Institutional Investors Weigh In

Grant Thornton: More women making it into senior management roles – but mature economies lagging behind

Bloomberg: Coca-Cola Woman Board Nominee Bucks Slowing Diversity Trend Women in boardrooms: networking and qualifications are key 

Triple Pundit: Having Women On Corporate Boards Increases Profits and Sustainability

SpencerStuart: Spencer-Stuart-US-Board-Index

SpencerStuart: Technology-Board-Index-2012

Boris Groysberg and Katherine Connolly:  Great Leaders Who Make the Mix Work 

McKinsey and Company:  The Do-or-Die Questions Boards Should Ask About Technology

Forbes:  Boards Remain Pale, Male And Stale — Old Boys’ Club Alive And Well

The New York Times:  To Address Gender Gap, Is It Enough to Lean In?

New York Law Journal:  Corporate Governance Update: Developments Regarding Gender Diversity on Public Boards

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