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Organization Name:  Arapahoe Philharmonic
Contact:  John Leininger
Contact Info:

Skills Required:  Founded in 1953 by T. Gordon Parks, the Arapahoe Philharmonic has served the cultural needs of the Denver metro area for over 60 years. Music Director Vincent C. LaGuardia, Jr. assumed leadership of the orchestra in 1993 and led the ensemble through a period of dynamic musical growth and community outreach.  The Arapahoe Philharmonic is a full symphony orchestra with 75+ performing members. Our musicians are volunteers, playing for the love of music, with a core of compensated principal players to support the excellence of performance. The orchestra’s repertoire includes the greatest names in classical music, as well as those of more recent times and new works written for the orchestra.

  • Organization’s mission:  The Arapahoe Philharmonic’s purpose is to provide the highest degree of musical excellence and cultural enrichment for the citizens of the Denver metropolitan area and to create educational opportunities for youth promoting an interest in classical music.
  • Board participation: Membership brings with it the satisfaction of contributing your unique talents toward the achievement of the AP’s musical, cultural, and educational goals.
  • Board description: The AP Board may include up to 20 members, with up to seven from the orchestra. Members are elected for three-year terms with the potential of renewal. The Board holds regular monthly business meetings.

Board members also participate in working committees that manage the organization’s operational and educational efforts. These committees include: Executive, Nominating, Finance, Marketing, Education, and Fundraising. Members bring a variety of talents used to advise and participate in organizational business.

Typical skills and experience valuable to the Board include: advertising, marketing, accounting, financial, fundraising, information technology, education, media connections/public relations, business/community or political connections, legal, nonprofit administration, board experience, human resources, and management/operations.

  • Board member requirements: Board members enjoying participation are those who value classical music and music education, have the time to actively participate, and are team players who are flexible, collaborative, innovative, and resourceful. Board members hold season tickets and attend AP concerts and events, and are asked to make an annual contribution of 0 or more to help support the organization and demonstrate their commitment to the orchestra.
  • How to get involved: The first step is to meet with the Nominating Committee. This meeting is to answer any questions and mutually determine if there is a fit with your interests as a candidate and the objectives of the Board. Next, you will meet with other members of the Nominating Committee and staff. You will then be invited to attend a Board meeting as a guest. Upon agreement of mutual interest, the Nominating Committee presents its recommendation of the candidate to the full Board for a vote.
  • Non-Board Committee Participation: For those interested in volunteering their time and talents for the arts, but are not ready to commit to full board membership, we do welcome members of the community to be regularly involved in committees. Committees meet on an as needed basis, approximately once per quarter. A one-year minimum commitment is required.

Organization Name:  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado
Contact:  Jim Qualteri
Contact Info:

Skills Required:  The expectations of our board members is to understand and have a desire to be a part of our mission. With that understanding, board members are asked to provide their expert time to the organization, personal financial commitment and corporate support when possible.

Organization Name:  The Blue Bench (formerly RAAP)
Contact:  Karmen Carter
Contact Info:

Skills Required:  Our Board meets on a monthly basis and has 3 committees that also meet monthly. We ask that Board members bring their expertise and a commitment to expand our awareness and support throughout the metro Denver community.

Organization Name:  Blue Bear Foundation
Contact:  Paris Londre
Contact Info:

Skills Required:  We are a new nonprofit whose mission is to increase the representation of minorities in the fields of accounting and finance.  We will achieve this by providing financial assistance for education to both minority and veteran women.  We believe helping this under-served population will make a difference, even if the difference is small.  Please visit our website for more information at

Purpose: The Blue Bear Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. These purposes include:

  • To financially serve & support female veterans and women of color who pursue a degree in accounting or finance.
  • To influence students of color to pursue a career in accounting or finance.
  • To promote minority representation in the career fields of accounting and finance.
  • To work collaboratively with partners who share our mission and vision

Mission: The Blue Bear Foundation will increase the representation of minorities in the fields of accounting and finance.

Organization Name:  The Children’s Treehouse Foundation
Contact:  Denis Murray
Contact Info:

Skills Required:  Areas of expertise we are hoping to bring to the Board:

  • Donors/Strong connections to Donors/Fund raisers
    • Individuals that can bring the personal resources to help support the organization and/or who have the ability to bring people or organizations with substantial resources to us.
  • Past CLIMB®Participants and/or Parents
    • CLIMB®is our support group for children whose parents or grandparents have been diagnosed with cancer.
    • Other individuals who have experienced the difficulties children face when a parent or grandparent is diagnosed with cancer and share our passion for this work.
  • Younger board members (under 35); ideally with Digital Marketing/Social Media background
    • In the age of social media we are seeking people with the ability to help us take full advantage of the social media options for promoting and supporting the work of the Foundation
  • Legal expertise
    • As the Foundation grows we anticipate the need for contract and licensing expertise on our Board.
  • CPA, Financial expertise
    • Formal financial experience and nonprofit accounting will help us make smart decisions as we grow and take on new projects.
  • Ethnic and racial diversity
    • Cancer does not discriminate, but access to health services can.  We want to be sure that we are doing all we can to be sure we considering the needs of all families that can benefit from our services.

Our future plans include expanding our program offerings to include a Teen Program and a Parent Program, to expand the resource and support capabilities of our website and to have CLIMB® deployed on a system-wide basis in large hospital systems.  A Board member’s commitment looks like this:

  • The Board meets quarterly for 1.5 – 2 hours.  We are looking for candidates who are willing to commit to regular and active participation in meetings.
  • Task force participation, committee work and the rare event are all needed from board members to help support the organization. There may be assignments between meetings.  Usually follow-up or review type work that may take a few to several hours.
  • Board members will be expected to contribute to the organization financially.  This can take several forms, a personal contribution, bringing a fund raiser to The Children’s Treehouse Foundation that generates revenue or opening doors to new funders that add financial support to the Foundation. There is no minimum financial contribution expectation.
  • Board members will also be expected to “contribute” to the organization through their expertise, by bringing new resources and opportunities to the Foundation, and with their time.
  • Board terms are three year terms.

We are looking for people to join our board who are passionate about our mission and are willing to actively contribute to our organization.

Organization Name:  Clinica Colorado
Contact:  Jill Schneider
Contact Info:

Skills Required:

  • Cares about uninsured and health care issues in the community
  • Govern and actively participate in fundraising efforts of the organization
  • Outgoing personality

Organization Name:  Colorado I Have A Dream Foundation
Contact:  Rachael Gazdick
Contact Info:

Skills Required:  By being on the Board of Directors of Colorado I Have A Dream (CIHAD), you are expressing a belief that all children should be given equal educational opportunities. You are joining an organization that is committed to assuring that Denver’s most underserved youth have a chance to live their dreams through a 12-year program of mentoring, academic assistance, life-skills development, cultural enrichment and partial scholarships for higher education or vocational training.

The Board of CIHAD meets approximately six time a year. Committee meetings are scheduled periodically as dictated by the work of the committee. Your active participation is vital to a productive and rewarding experience as a Board member. Your attendance at Board and committee meetings is essential for the organization to realize its objectives.

The Board of CIHAD has adopted the commitments outlined below as general expectation for service on the Board. Each category of activity or responsibility is followed by specific expectations or commitments that illustrate the character of that activity. These are aspirational goals that each Board member should strive to meet in her or his unique way.


Each Board member should have an understanding and appreciation of the importance of the mission and vision of CIHAD. Board members should also help promote the mission of CIHAD in community outreach efforts.

  • I will be engaged in the efforts of CIHAD. To allow me to knowledgeable participate, I understand that the President and CEO, as well as other staff members, will keep me regularly informed. I will ask questions and request additional information as I feel the need.
  • If asked, I will serve on one or more committees of the Board. I understand that part of my commitment is to attend at least two-thirds of the Board meetings and committee meetings of which I am a member.
  • I understand that Board and committee responsibilities may include obligations that require work on my part beyond the time required for regular meetings.
  • I will participate in and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies and other Board matters.
  • I will work diligently and good faith with all within CIHAD, both staff and other board members, as partners toward the achievement of our goals. I will always act in the best interests of the organization and will excuse myself from discussions and decision-making on matters in which I have a conflict of interest.


The Board’s advocacy role is critical. The public’s understanding and support of educational opportunities for all children is a central premise of CIHAD. By working with under-served children in a variety of school settings, our organization is striving to help assure that all youth have the tools for educational success. By providing scholarship assistance for higher education or vocational training after high school, we are helping to assure that the American Dream is available to all.

The opportunity to share the mission of CIHAD and to illustrate its success through stories of Dreamer successes are essential to meeting the long-term goals of CIHAD. Outreach to friends and associates in our social circles, our work circles and our political connections is critical to advancing the cause of equal educational opportunities and the funding of our organization.

  • I acknowledge that I was chosen to serve on the Board because of my commitment to equal educational opportunities for all youth.
  • I will participate in Dreamer activities, such as visiting schools supported by the Dreamer program, attending after school Dreamer events and participating in Dreamer class adoption ceremonies and class graduation celebrations.
  • I will act as an advocate and spokesman for the work and values of CIHAD in my social and business life.


Key to the success of CIHAD is fundraising. Our programs require adequate financing to assure their stability and sustainability over the long term. We require an annual gift from all Board members, recognizing that such a gift varies in amount by the personal situation of each Board member. In addition to such a gift demonstrating the commitment to CIHAD, it enables the organization to report 100% Board participation, as many donors and funding organizations look at the level of Board giving as a means to measure those organizations that are successfully supported and well managed.

  • I will personally make an annual financial contribution at a level that is meaningful to me and consistent with my ability.
  • I will purchase tickets to attend the annual Gala and other fundraising events to the extent that my personal circumstances allow. It will be my goal to participate in one or more fundraising activities.


Each Board member is expected to help with the development efforts of CIHAD. Gift solicitation can be a positive and rewarding experience, especially with the support and guidance of the staff of CIHAD. Assisting in locating summer employment internships for Dreamers is also essential to the success of the program. The staff will help each Board member to understand the wide variety of personal involvement options that are possible in fundraising efforts.

  • I will assist the staff of CIHAD in identifying potential contributors to the organization.
  • I will help identify potential employers that might offer summer internships for high school aged Dreamers.
  • I will serve as a volunteer solicitor, either in a personal capacity or in conjunction with staff and other Board members.


The strength of any organization is directly related to the strength of the membership of its board of directors. Recruitment of new Board members is the responsibility of each Board member. Recruiting prospective Board members involves identifying intelligent, talented, dedicated, hardworking, influential, warm and caring individuals. This is not an easy task but is essential for the long-term health of CIHAD.

  • I regard recruitment of a new Board members as a personal responsibility. When I believe that I have identified a good candidate for the Board, I will pass along that name to the Chairman of CIHAD, the President and CEO or the chairman of the appropriate committee.
  • I will be prepared to assist in getting the candidate whom I have identified or other candidates identified by others to accept appointment to the CIHAD Board.

Organization Name:  Edge of Seven
Contact:  Peter Mason
Contact Info:

Description of Organization:  Edge of Seven is a young, vibrant, growing nonprofit focused on girls education in southeast Asia and East Africa. We’re proud of our commitment to our seven principles of international development: Build Capacity, Transfer Power, Play on Strengths, Leverage, Focus on Generations, Collaborate, Learn). Our mission is to support sustainable development initiatives that create access to education and economic opportunities for girls, women, and rural developing communities across the globe. Our work in Nepal post earth-quakes has accelerated significantly as we address the significant needs of school-based infrastructure (schools, water supplies and toilets) to ensure that girls have the facilities they need to attend and succeed in school.

Skills Required:  Our board members are asked to attend a monthly hour-long meeting, contribute 1-2 hours of volunteer work each month, and agree to a Give/Get of $ 1,000 annually through either direct financial support or assisting in the acquisition of financial resources. We are searching for board members who are willing to put Edge of Seven into their top three charities that they give to, attend all our events, and open doors for us in the grant-making, business, CSR or other opportunities that help support our mission.

Organization Name: Friends First
Contact: Elycia Cook
Contact Info:

Description of Organization: Do you have a heart for kids and positive youth development? Do you understand the importance of social and emotional development for healthy and successful futures for teens? Do you believe in the power of mentoring? If you answered yes to these three questions, you may be a fit for serving as a board member for FRIENDS FIRST.

FRIENDS FIRST is a non-profit organizations that educates and mentors youth to make positive life choices and develop healthy relationships. We have been serving teens across the nation since 1993 and we serve more than 5,000 youth and parents annually. We are looking for community-minded, business professionals to help us to take our organization to the next level by serving on our Board of Directors. We have a special interest in those that may have strong connections in the community, experience or a desire to educate local politicians on issues facing our teens today and/or a heart for sustainability and fundraising.

As FRIENDS FIRST has its own widely sought after curriculum, speakers, conferences and trainings, we are most seeking someone with a strong background in small business development to help us market and grow this funding model. Board member term is 3 years, and a member may serve up to 3 consecutive terms. Our board meets quarterly face-to-face (2 hours) and monthly via conference call (1 hour). After 6 months you will be asked serve on one of our 4 main committees (Financial, Operational and Strategic Planning, Fundraising and Recruitment). You will attend 2 major annual events, participate in COLORADO GIVES DAY and reach out to your network to support FRIENDS FIRST as a part of this statewide day of giving. The average time spent serving on our board is 4 hours per month.

Of note, FRIENDS FIRST is celebrating 23 years of educating and mentoring teens throughout Colorado and across the nation with its first annual fundraising breakfast titled, “Rise & Shine with the Stars.”  FRIENDS FIRST invites you to join in this exciting event to build a stronger community and opportunities for teens.  The event will be held at the Mile High United Way, 711 Park Avenue West, Denver, CO on Tuesday, October 4th from 8:00 am – 9:30 am.  Your involvement, sponsorship or donation will directly benefit FRIENDS FIRST programming for teens and their parents across Colorado.  A portion of your donation is tax deductible.

To learn more about FRIENDS FIRST or this event, please visit

Organization Name:  Kids First Health Care
Contact:  Norma Portnoy
Contact Info:

Skills Required:

  • Promote Kids First Health Care to the public and act as a spokesperson
  • Attend at least 75% of Board meetings per year
  • Participate in a fundraising event per year
  • Be willing to serve on a committee
  • Commit at least 1.5 hours per month
  • Make a personal financial contribution at a level that is reasonable and meaningful to me
  • Stay informed about what’s going on in the organization
  • Participate in and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies, and other board matters
  • Work in good faith with staff and other board members as partners towards the betterment of Kids First Health Care

Organization Name:  Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking
Contact:  Brenda Snyder
Contact Info:

Purpose:  In February of 2005, The Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking’s (LCHT) co-founders Dr. Alejano-Steele and Amanda Finger established a Colorado chapter of the Polaris Project in response to local demand for improved statewide responses to human trafficking. Operating as Polaris Project Colorado (PPC), the organization quickly established itself as a leader in the western anti-human trafficking movement, and developed a niche within existing anti-trafficking efforts, training “first-responders” who encounter victims and survivors of trafficking; building the capacity of organizations that serve victims and work to combat human trafficking; filling information gaps through community-based research; and growing community-awareness. On February 1, 2010, Polaris Project announced their longstanding plans for the Colorado branch to transition into an independent organization, and LCHT was born.

Mission:  Compel data-driven actions to end human trafficking by conducting research, training professionals and first-responders, and educating the public.  For more information, please see LCHT’s website at

Position:  The working board supports the work of LCHT and provides mission-based leadership as well as strategic governance. The Board Member is a senior leader for the organization and will sit with a team of individuals responsible for operational guidance, including maintenance of the 4 ‘P’s (Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, and Partnerships) under which LCHT frames its anti-trafficking efforts. The Board Member will interact with other members of the board to ensure solid overall strategy and direction of the organization, and will report to the Board Chairperson located in Denver, Colorado. The Board Member will contribute to fundraising efforts for the organization, including but not limited to personal donation. There are currently thirteen board members including leaders in education, public corporations, small businesses and government agencies (present and past).

 Key Responsibilities of Board Member:

  • Support LCHT in attaining established goals by providing direction, oversight, and leadership for the long-term sustainability of the organization
  • Work in coordination with Board Chairperson and other board members to:
    • identify organizational needs and areas of potential growth.
    • develop new organizational strategies
    • ensure that Board resolutions are carried out in a timely fashion
    • chair or serve on committees and take on special assignments
  • Coordinate with personal and professional networks to improve LCHT’s community partnerships
  • Review performance outcomes and metrics created by LCHT for evaluating its impact, and review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings
  • Act as an ambassador for the organization both within one’s area of expertise and in the world at large
  • Continue to ensure LCHT’s commitment to a diverse board and staff that reflects the communities LCHT serves
  • Actively participate in fundraising efforts; support and directly contribute to fundraising activities through participation in fundraising strategy development and targeted donor engagement

Qualifications:  This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about LCHT’s mission and who has a track record of board participation and leadership. His/her accomplishments will allow him/her to attract other well-qualified, high-performing Board Members. Ideal candidates will possess extensive professional experience with significant executive leadership accomplishments in education, human services, government, or the nonprofit sector, as well as savvy diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships, including persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals.

 Attributes, Experience and Skills Sought:

  • Leadership, team building, and advanced coaching skills; ability to work with teams and lead decision-making processes in a group environment.
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills including: relationship and trust building, communication and listening, and personal engagement.
  • Knowledge of/ familiarity with current research methods is a plus.
  • Competency and training in diversity issues; versed in language around power, privilege, and oppression.
  • Strong business connections and networking capability.
  • A national and/or state presence within the human trafficking or related field is a plus.
  • Personal experience, from a survivor perspective is desired.
  • Experience with fundraising – corporate funding, grant writing and individual donations

Board terms of participation:  LCHT’s Board is a working board and the organization’s success relies board involvement and contribution. LCHT’s Board Members will serve a two-year term to be eligible for reappointment for up to four additional terms. Board meetings are currently held once a month. Board members donate their time and serve without pay. LCHT expects 100 percent of the Board members make an annual contribution that is commensurate with their financial ability.

Organization Name:  NextFifty Initiative
Contact:  Diana McFail
Contact Info:

Skills Required:  NextFifty Initiative, a new independent Colorado grant-making foundation dedicated to the state’s vulnerable and under-served aging population has been established. Grant experience preferable but not necessary.

Please visit our website for more information at

Organization Name:  Sue Miller Day of Caring for Breast Cancer Awareness
Contact:  Maria Guillory-Flippen
Contact Info:

Skills Required:  Each member is elected to ensure that the Sue Miller Day of Caring (DOC) meets annual financial goals and fulfills the state organization mission.  The mission of the Day of Caring is to inform, empower and give hope to those affected by breast cancer.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Implement policies and procedures contained in the organization’s By-Laws as established by the Board of Directors
  • Develop and evaluate strategic plans, financials and human resources (both paid and volunteer staff) to meet the needs of the DOC
  • Participate in a “Give or Get” contribution to the DOC
  • Approve and monitors all budgets based on expected revenue
  • Monitor fiscal controls and ensures accountability, keeping in mind the fiduciary responsibilities of each member of the Board
  • Monitor the management of the DOC programs and special events
  • Ensure effective public relations for the DOC
  • Develop, monitor and review human resources policies for paid and volunteer staff
  • Advise DOC’s Board of Directors on the potential impact of general trends, issues and actions within the cancer community
  • Formally advise the DOC Board of any situation that is a potential conflict of interest in accord with the policies established in the Foundation’s Personnel Policies Code of Conduct
  • Represent DOC at key community events and meetings, as directed by the ED
  • Attend all DOC Board Meetings (if there are only 4 meetings per year, they need to be there unless there are emergency situations)
  • Serve as an agency representative at functions and events

Obligations of Board Members:

  • Exhibit the duties of “loyalty and care” as articulated in the DOC’s Personnel Policies and Code of Conduct
  • Be a member in “good standing” with DOC
  • Must abide by the “Give and Get” policy every fiscal year
  • Must make every effort to attend all Board meetings and the Annual Meeting
  • A Board Member must pledge a monetary gift to the DOC annually in an amount they would consider generous; but not less than that specified in the Board Give and Get Policy
  • A Board Member must actively participate in the committee work of the Board by serving on no less than one committee
  • Must attend at least 100% of the scheduled special events
  • Be available to participate in Board training events
  • Actively participate at Board of Director’s meetings
  • Review and question reports
  • The term of office shall be a two-year term elected by the membership

All Members Reports to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Please visit our website for more information at






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